0800 - 0845

Registration & Welcome Breakfast

0845 - 0930

Opening Ceremony

0930 - 1000

Keynote Address

James Rees, ICCA

1000 - 1045

Morning Coffee Break

1045 - 1130

Teh Tarik with the ICCA President James Rees

“Teh Tarik” literally translated as “pulled tea” is Malaysia’s ‘national drink’ or the perfect excuse to gather people and chit chat the night away. This is your chance to get up close and personal with James Rees, Executive Director of ExCeL London, who has helmed ICCA since November 2018. In this “You Ask, James Answers” coffee shop session, conducted in a relaxed, business casual way, come with your burning questions or ideas and share them with our President. This interactive session – with participation from the Chapter membership, virtual or live, will be moderated by Jane Vong Holmes. Jane has more than two decades experience in the meetings industry, with her time split as a former ICCA staff and now as Senior Manager Asia of GainingEdge, ICCA member.

Key takeaways:

  1. Gain first-hand insights on how to leverage your ICCA membership in an increasingly competitive industry.
  2. Learn about ICCA’s direction for the future and how you can relate this to your own organizational goals.
  3. How can you contribute and make an impact as a member of ICCA.
  4. Find out biggest changes and trends in the meetings industry which can influence your business strategies.


  1. James Rees, ICCA
  2. Jane Vong Holmes, GainingEdge


1130 - 1230

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Just like the movie, ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter boasts a diverse pool of hidden talents and outstanding personalities. Come join us as we hear personal stories of these AP Tigers and Dragons to learn how to engage with ICCA and benefit from the membership.

  1. Chander Mansharamani, Alpcord Network Travel & Conference Management
  2. Jason Yeh, GIS Group
  3. Raty Ning, Pacto Convex

Jay Martens, Talk2Media


*(pre-registration required)

Creativity in Research

There is more to research than just data. Find out from the Asia Pacific’s elite group of researchers on how they use the ICCA Database as an intel to link with thought leaders and economic clusters, as well as extrapolating the data for their business models.

  1. Doris Liu, Hangzhou International Expo Center
  2. Tess Kidman, Adelaide Convention Bureau
  3. Yoshiaki Matsui, Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau

Anedia Kahar, Business Events Sarawak


*(pre-registration required)

1230 - 1400

Networking Lunch hosted by The Meetings Show

1400 - 1530

Journey of Discovery

Two decades ago, ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter was a mere grouping of 100 member organisations. Today, we stand strong with almost 300 members covering 16 countries and territories, making us the largest Chapter within ICCA global network. Moving forward, how do we unlock and leverage our diversity and expertise for latent possibilities for partnership and business opportunities within ourselves? What are the touchpoints that connect us as a Chapter and what is next for us?

Key Takeaways:

  1. How can we as chapter members collaborate and sustain the momentum built at this summit for the long term?
  2. Look at the power of the region and initiate possible cross-city partnership
  1. Gary Grimmer, GainingEdge
  2. Roy Sheppard, PeoplePortfolio


1530 - 1600

Afternoon Coffee Break

1600 - 1645

Your viewpoint matters!
Join us in this exciting verbal war to stand your ground on major issues revolving around the region. Motions will be presented, make sure you come with your thinking caps!

Noor Ahmad Hamid, ICCA


End of Day 1 sessions. Shuttle back to hotels


Shuttle to Dinner Venue


Welcome Dinner Hosted by Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau

0800 - 0845

Penang Kopitiam Breakfast

0900 - 1030

By Default or By Design?

Many meetings underperform in terms of outcomes and results. The main reason for this is that their programmes are created following standardized formats, such as classroom teaching. What good, effective meetings need instead of default programmes, is well-designed ones, as a result of professional Meeting Design!

In this Workshop, you will experience how Meeting Design works in practice. You will have the unique opportunity to work with pioneering Meeting Designers Han Chiang and Mike van der Vijver. They will introduce you to the Meeting Design Triangle as a tool to create more effective meeting programmes.

Don’t expect long theoretical considerations – this session will make you move your body so that your mind starts moving, as well.

  1. Han Chiang, Orange Gibbon
  2. Mike van der Vijver, Orange Gibbon

1030 -1100

Morning Coffee Break

1100 - 1200

CEO Deep Dive

This session is opened for C-level executives including CEO, MD, GM, etc.


Roy Sheppard, PeoplePortfolio

Limited to 60-person, by invitation only.*



Bidding Stories

Not all bid journeys are equal and end on happy note. Nor are they a walk in the park. Let’s hear from the experts as they share their bid journeys and whether they land victorious.

  1. Charles Teo, Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM)
  2. Jean Hendry, Tourism New Zealand
  3. Keiko Nishimoto, Kyoto University
Angeline van den Broecke, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center
1200 - 1230

What's the Buzz: Revel Music

Get ready for an energising, invigorating and musical experience that will leave you buzzing for more!

This session is designed and conducted by Asia Ability Creative Teambuilding. Asia Ability conducts some of the most Transformational and Innovative programs across the Asia Pacific region for 23 years. They believe that people are the key to success in any organisation and therefore strive to provide the most impactful team building programs.

1230 - 1400


1400 - 1445

Where Fairy Dust Meets Business Events

Elevating delegate experience is creating quite the buzz in our industry. How can you create immersive experiences so that your clients will talk about your events for years to come?

  1. Eric Abramson, GL Events
  2. Mala Dorasamy, Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre
  3. Rowena Cai, Xiamen ITG MICE Group Co., Ltd.
Joel Pascual, Philippine Association of Convention and Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers

“Sustain-Ability” in Business Events

Sustainability has been a hot topic for years – so why is it taking so long for the BE industry to catch up? Our industry has a bigger role to play in measuring and promoting sustainability. How are we going to create and develop best green practices?

  1. Ashwin Gunasekeran, Penang Convention & Exhibition Bureau
  2. Mandy Luk, AsiaWorld Expo
  3. Trần Gia Ngọc Phương (Gia), Ariyana Convention Centre Danang

Karen Yue, TTG Asia Media

1445 - 1615

Building a Legacy for the Future
How can association meetings help your destination build a legacy for the future? Is it possible for association meetings to help formulate and drive solutions for challenges your community is facing? This session explores the potential of meetings beyond the economic impact.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understanding the importance of legacy and legacy planning
  2. How to communicate your legacy effectively
Facilitator: Gary Grimmer, GainingEdge

  1. Amelia Roziman, Business Events Sarawak
  2. Steve Armitage, Auckland Convention Bureau

1615 - 1645

Afternoon Coffee Break

1645 - 1715

Closing Keynote: BE OF THE FUTURE NOW
This is your time to RISE to BE OF THE FUTURE NOW.

Guest Speaker:
Robin Sieger, Sieger International

1715 - 1800

Closing Ceremony

(till late)

Finale Party @ SPICE Rooftop Garden Hosted by PCEB and Setia SPICE Convention Centre

Please note, that the sessions including timings, format and speakers are subject to change.

The ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter Summit is run concurrently with the BE @ Penang. Sessions indicated in GREEN on Day 1 are for ICCA members only. All other sessions are opened to both the ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter Summit & BE @ Penang delegates.

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